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Annastina Wikell Jarosz
April 25, 1934 - August 22, 2010

Annastina Wikell Jarosz, April 24 1934 - August 22 2010

Annastina left her home in Sweden in 1956, determined to experience the adventure of a lifetime in the United States. From New York and Pennsylvania to San Francisco and Hawaii, her beautiful voyage was a reality for more than fifty years. She proudly became a U.S. citizen in the 1970's and worked long, challenging hours as a dietitian in hospitals throughout San Mateo County, California.

In 2000, Annastina and her husband, Phillip moved to Maui. She walked the beaches daily and savored every day she was in Hawai‘i. Together, they created the Little Philosophers projects and began to distribute their funds to children around the world.

The last few years brought Annastina enormous health challenges and kept her from those inspirational walks along Ka‘anapali Beach. However, she had realized her dreams years before … to embrace America and eventually become an island girl.

Family and friends will always remember Annastina's words, “I have found my peace, my Maui … my paradise”. May our soothing tradewinds send comfort and a sense of peace to all of Annastina’s family. The Wikell family includes Ingrid, Rune, Wanja, Ake and Enid Lann. The Jarosz family – Johanna, Christine, Peggy and Phillip. A memorial service to be scheduled.

Annastina's Award Winning Essay, Honoring Her Mother


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