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After successful years of awarding International Peace Prizes and Little Humanitarian Diplomas, LITTLE PHILOSOPHERS™ is proud to present a new prize to budding capitalists around the globe. Blending creative profit making and philanthropy is a recipe we wish to encourage, worldwide. Nominate any young thinker who has achieved success, raking-in cash and recycling that profit for a fine cause.

Simply, "Learn while young, work hard early, be generous forever."


$1,000.00 Cash Award
A generous donation will also be presented to an animal rescue organization in the name of our awardee.

  1. Please submit a description of your candidate’s accomplishments. Include name and age of nominee.
  2. If you wish, you may send supportive information such as photos, e-links, or news items.
  3. Please provide your name, address and substantial contact information.
  4. There is no annual deadline for your submission. Candidates will be reviewed quarterly and all nominees will receive formal, written acknowledgement for a job, well done.
  5. You may send your nomination to Aloha@LittlePhilosophers.com

Telephone Maui 1.808.665.5990

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Peace Prize 2


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